[0000:03] [Dade]: Exterior is clear but still no contact with staff. Guns free.
[0000:07] [Smith]: Roger that. SAMD deployed. Over.
[0000:10] [Dade]: Everyone else fall in. Breaching door.
[0000:12] < The sound of a localized detonated blast is audible through all radios bar SPC Smith's. >
[0000:19] [Dade]: Clear. Radio protocol mandatory. I want White and Jenkins out that way. Over.
[0000:23] [White]: Roger. Over.
[0000:24] [Jenkins]: Roger. Over.
[0000:24] [Dade]: Radwan, Lengyel, Walker that way, to the tree. Over.
[0000:27] [Radwanowski]: Roger. Over.
[0000:28] [Dade]: Giorgio, you're with me. Over.
[0000:30] [Giorgio]: Roger. Over.
[0000:31] [Dade]: Everyone move. Over.
[0001:20] [White]: Do you see that, Jenkins? Over.
[0001:24] [Jenkins]: I have visual. Confirming manually. Over.
[0001:28] [White]: Christ, Jenkins, stop fucking poking it. Over.
[0001:31] [Dade]: What do you have? Over.
[0001:33] [White]: A . Excision looks organic. Blood trail goes towards garden center. Over.
[0001:38] [Dade]: We're coming on blood now too. Radwan, do you read? Over.
[0001:42] [Radwanowski]: I copy. We're going slow. Just entering garden proper. Over.
[0001:46] [Dade]: Good. Treat any sighting as dangerous until origin of arm located. Over.
[0002:15] [Dade]: First body in offices. Shot to death. No sign of gunman. Over.
[0002:24] [Dade]: Scratch that. We have dead guard staff. And more bodies. Over.
[0002:42] [Radwanowski]: We're finding bodies too. Mostly civilians. One from the missing persons debrief. Over.
[0002:49] [Dade]: These are all dead by gunshot. Including the guard. Traces of barricade. Over.
[0002:51] < By this point the sound of is sub-audibly registered on the radios of CPL Radwanowski, PVT Lengyel, and PVT Walker. >
[0002:54] [Walker]: I'm hearing something. Over.
[0003:04] < Gunshots are audible on the radios of PFC White and PVT Jenkins. The burst of gunfire subsides by 0003:08. >
[0003:07] [Dade]: I'm hearing gunfire. Report immediately. Over.
[0003:10] [White]: Copy. We got rushed. Hostiles down. Over.
[0003:12] [Dade]: Civilians? Over.
[0003:10] [White]: Looks so. They were even before we got them. Over.
[0003:13] [Dade]: Is it clear why? Over.
[0003:15] [White]: Jenkins will report. Hostiles were trying to pry open door to bathroom. Investigating now. Over.
[0003:23] [Jenkins]:
[0003:31] [Giorgio]: Jesus. Over.
[0003:34] [White]: I've got a person in a labcoat in here. Holed up. Panicking, but sane. Over.
[0003:39] [Dade]: White? Do not approach. Do you read? Over.
[0003:45] [Dade]: White, do you read? Over.
[0003:47] [Radwanowski]:.
[0003:50] [Dade]: What the fuck? Over.
[0003:52] [Radwanowski]:
[0003:57] [Dade]: Pull back immediately. No read on White. Over.
[0004:00] [Radwanowski]: They heard Lengyel moving. Over. Out.
[0004:01] < Gunshots are audible on the radios of CPL Radwanowski, PVT Lengyel and PVT Walker. >
[0004:02] [Dade]: Damn it. White, do you read? All units close on RPC-696 now. Over.
[0004:07] [Jenkins]: I got White right here. We have Dr. ██████ in custody. Over.
[0004:11] <
[0004:11] [Dade]: Dr. ██████? Fine. You two move for extraction. Smith, get a visual on the door. Over.
[0004:15] [Smith]: Visual attained. Over.
[0004:15] < Gunshots are audible on the radios of 2LT Dade and PV2 Giorgio. >
[0004:52] [Smith]: Verify presence at door. Over.
[0004:55] [White]: Don't shoot. It's us. Over.
[0005:05] [Smith]: The rest of you, move to the ██████████ for extraction.
[0005:20] [Smith]: I'm giving it a minute before I glass the place. Report in. Over.
[0005:45] [Smith]: Lieutenant Dade, report in. Over.
[0005:55] [Smith]: Lieutenant Dade, rep---
[0005:55] [Dade]: We're alive and mostly in-tact. We got them all. Over.
[0005:58] [Smith]: How the fuck did you lot get covered head-to-toe in that fast? Over.
[0006:01] [Radwanowski]: You're lucky you stayed there. I've never seen a guy decide the right response to was to .
[0006:08] [Dade]: I think it's pretty clear RPC-696 is a bit more powerful than we thought. Stop talking about it.
[0006:12] [Giorgio]: The tree, it was .
[0006:14] [Dade]: Giorgio looks like he's going to vomit.
[0006:17] [Radwanowski]: You think he's got it rough? Lengyel is still bleeding!
[0006:19] [Lengyel]: I will be fine.
[0006:20] [Radwanowski]: Not if you get .
[0006:22] [Lengyel]: Could that really be?
[0006:24] [Dade]: He's fucking with you, private. The doc will patch you right up. Let's just get out of here.
[0006:30] [Walker]: Next time anyone tells me 'it will be a short mission', I'm demanding a transfer.
[0006:33] [Dade]: If the next one's like that, I'm going with you.
[0006:35] [Dade]: Oh! The ██████████ is here!
[0006:39] [White]: Load in. The faster we get out of here, the better.


- PVT Lengyel contracted as a result of his injury. This was likely due to the . A swab taken from the wound site .
- A second MST, ████████, reclaimed the site briefly afterwords. They reported no living threats. The RPC-696 was apparently devoid of by the time they arrived; however, the premises were not. All personnel in ████████ made requests for Class A Amnestics following the completion of their reports, which were granted.
- As reported by PV2 Giorgio, A new hole was discovered in the trunk of RPC-696.
- In autopsy the was essentially normal across the corpses of all █████ frenzied combatants who were killed during the operation. As a result, it has been conclusively demonstrated that, during any future emergency state, an exclusively female staff would be ineffective as a means of rigorous containment. This abandonment of previously regular appetite trends has been forwarded as additional evidence of RPC-696's sentience.